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The Power of YET

Did you know that Giraffes Can Dance!  Yes indeed when they practice and try really hard to learn a new skill even Giraffes Can learn to Dance!

Today as part of our Literacy Day events we snuggled up with one of our favourite books.  Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae.  This is a great book to help children build resiliency and persevere when something is difficult.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting when students persevere, recheck their work to learn something new or find a second way to solve a problem that they found tough.  We have created a little certificate to help them build their perseverance muscle.

You can help do this at home too.   When some says “I can’t _______” we add the word “YET” and then celebrate as we learn the new skill!.

I can’t dance…….YET
I can’t do this math problem….YET
I can’t read that sentence…..YET

Join with us as we celebrate the Power of YET!

You can snuggle up and watch the interactive Book at

Happy Family  Literacy day!


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