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Three Laws of Bucketfilling

There are 3 Laws of Bucketfilling.

  1. Be A Bucket Filler – This means that you do nice things for others and spread kindness. As you fill other peoples buckets you will be filing your worn at the same time!
  2. No Dipping – Don’t do things that make other feel bad. Sometimes we do things that hurt others.  When this happens, we are dipping into someone’s bucket.    That also dips into our own.  If that happens we can apologize and make thing right and start filling up those buckets again.
  3. Use Your Lid – If someone is trying to dip in your bucket use one of your strategies Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek Help – (at  Gregory we call these things using our WITS)  We also have our ZONES of Regulation strategies  like Deep breathing, Muscle actions, stretching, taking a break.

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