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IGNITING HOPE – Catholic Education Week

During the week of May 3 to May 8, 2020, we will be celebrating the significant contribution that Catholic Education has made to the community, the province and to Canada.

Publicly funded Catholic education has existed in Ontario since 1841 and its graduates have served Ontario and Canada very well. The current generation of students in our publicly funded Catholic schools will serve with the same spirit and generosity as their previous generations.

Over the past couple of weeks our students have taken up the challenge to bring Hope, Love and Gratitude to Carleton Place.

Click to enjoy watching all the messages captured on this video ,

Keep an eye out around town for our posters, rocks and window paintings!

There will also be a Mass celebrated from Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa. this will be shared on Tuesday May 5 at 10 am.

Link to YouTube premiere:

You can also join us for Mass on Wednesday May 6th at 10am, Live streamed from St Michael’s Basilica

Livestream – St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica



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