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April 27th PA Day Agenda

Click here for the Agenda for the PA Day on April 27th.

Three Laws of Bucketfilling

There are 3 Laws of Bucketfilling.

  1. Be A Bucket Filler – This means that you do nice things for others and spread kindness. As you fill other peoples buckets you will be filing your worn at the same time!
  2. No Dipping – Don’t do things that make other feel bad. Sometimes we do things that hurt others.  When this happens, we are dipping into someone’s bucket.    That also dips into our own.  If that happens we can apologize and make thing right and start filling up those buckets again.
  3. Use Your Lid – If someone is trying to dip in your bucket use one of your strategies Walk away, Ignore, Talk it out, Seek Help – (at  Gregory we call these things using our WITS)  We also have our ZONES of Regulation strategies  like Deep breathing, Muscle actions, stretching, taking a break.

We are a Bucket Filling School

We are A Bucket Filling School!

Today we read, Have You Filled a Bucket Today. Through simple prose and vivid illustrations, this heartwarming book encourages positive behavior as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation, and love.

This book explains to children that we all carry an invisible bucket in which we keep our feelings about ourselves. When our buckets are full, we are happy; when they are empty, we are sad. It is important to know that we can fill our own bucket and so can others. We fill buckets by saying nice things to the people around us. We fill buckets by doing nice things for people.

The best part is when we fill someone else’s bucket we also fill our own!

You can google this and find wealth of information. Everyone has a bucket!

Share Lent School Project

At St. Gregory Catholic School we are excited to be supporting SchoolBOX one again this Lenten Season.  This year we will be raising money for the “Indigenous Library Program”.  You can make donations on SCO and we will watch our library wall grow as donations for books come in.  Thank you for your support.








Lenten Though #3

Christian Meditation – Prayer of 3 “S’s”

Christian Meditation is a prayer of the heart, not the mind.

Silence is letting go of thoughts, words and feelings.

Prayer can have two parts. There is talking to God and there is listening to God. A relationship where one person does all the talking doesn’t work. In meditation we listen with our hearts. It is not necessary plead, correct, to nag or instruct. The reality is that “Your father knows what you need before you ask him.” ( Matt. 6:8)


Stillness is letting go of desire.

Still this is more than being quiet and not moving.  It is a state of openness, receptiveness and attentiveness.  As we meditate we begin to ret in God. The stillness increases our awareness of our being, body and spirit. In a groups the stillness is a gift shared with the others around us.



Attention and intention. We give the work our full attention. Stay awake. Be in the present moment. Jesus recognizes our intention. Trust is a condition of simplicity. As St. Paul said; “We do not know how to pray, but the Spirit prays within us.”


Adapted from: An Introduction to Christian Meditation for Students 2016


For more information on Christian Meditation, visit the World Community for Christian Mediation at:

Pilot Project for the Kinder Yard

We are starting a pilot project for play structures and activities for the Kinder Yard.  We would love your help.  Hear are some of the ideas that have been suggested.  If you are interested in being a part of this please call or email Mr. Crossan and let him know you are interested.  Volunteers are needed on Sunday, March 25th from noon – 5 pm.

Idea 1  Idea 2

Idea 3 

Idea 4

Anti-Bullying Day

Today we wore pink to remind us to be kind to everyone.  Here is an example of art work from a Kindergarten student with the anti-bully theme.









Lenten Thought #2

As we continue through Lent staff and students are practicing Christian Meditation. If you want to try this at home here are the basics.

How to Meditate

  1. Sit still and uprights with your back straight.
  2. Place both your feet flat on the floor or legs crossed if sitting on floor.
  3. Place your hands on your lap facing either upwards or downwards.
  4. Close your eyes lightly
  5. Be aware of you normal breathing pattern as you relax.
  6. Silently, interiorly, begin to say your sacred prayer word of mantra- Eg:“ma-ra-na-tha” in four equal syllables; “Come Lord”; “Be still”
  7. Listen to the sound of your sacred word as you say it, slowly and gently and continuously.
  8. If thoughts and images come, keep returning to simply saying the word.

We start with short periods of time, especially with your children, and work our way up to 5-10 minutes.  We sit in silence allowing the Spirit who dwells within to speak in our hearts.

Adapted from: An Introduction to Christian Meditation for Students 2016

For more information on Christian Meditation, visit the World Community for Christian Mediation at:


Reading is fun!  Students can now access hundreds of books free through OVERDRIVE. 

It is simple :

Enter in your browser and select.  Enter your child’s email and password (These have been sent home but if you are not sure send a note in the agenda).

Start searching  for a book to read.

Try the handy filters on the side.  If you sort by Text Difficulty you can quickly find a book to read at each grade level.

You can read online or download the Overdrive app!








Grades 1-3 Olympic Carnival

We had a great afternoon outside with the Grade 1 – 3 classes.  Here are a few pictures of the afternoon.  For more photos please go to our Facebook page: St. Gregory Catholic School – Carleton Place

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