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WE Pledge to Use our WITS

Today we launched our WITS program with an Assembly. Constable Joe came by to help us Pledge to use our WITS.

WITS is the program we use to help students deal with conflict on the yard.  It teaches children the progressive steps to use when solving a problem, especially on the yard.


This program is supported by our local police, and families are encouraged to learn and use these strategies at home.

When something goes wrong you can choose which tool to use.  Should you walk away?  Sometimes that is a good choice and solves the potential problem.

At other times you can ignore the person who is bothering you.  If those two strategies don’t seem to be working, you can talk to the person. Let them know that what they’re doing is bothering you and ask them to stop.

Many times, we assume the other person knows they’re bothering us but that is not always the case. Using our words is an important skill that children need to practice.

Sometimes you need to get some help from an adult or your friends .

As issues arise, we try to model and encourage the children to use their WITS.

There is some great information for families on the WITS website.

Click here for more information

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