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I Belong Here!  Together, We are God’s Good News!

“How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of those who bring the good news.”  (Isaiah 52:7)

On behalf of all of us at CDSBEO, I would like to invite you to continue our journey of faith, inspired by our new Spiritual Board Theme,
I Belong Here! Together, We are God’s Good News! 


Our new theme is a simple call to the recognition that we all belong to God. We all belong, and no one is an outsider, for we are all part of the same Divine family. Each of us, without exception is God’s Good News -- a shining witness to the justice and peace of Christ that belongs to all people.

When we realize that the Spirit of the living God shines within us, our world begins to change; first within ourselves and then shining in our families, classrooms, schools, and wider communities.


 In the new Encyclical Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis writes: “(E)very now and then, miraculously, a kind person appears and is willing to set everything else aside to show interest, to give the gift of a smile, to speak a word of encouragement, to listen amid general indifference. If we make a daily effort to do exactly this, we can create a healthy social atmosphere in which misunderstandings can be overcome and conflict forestalled.” This is how we can be God’s Good News today!


Our new theme will help us to appreciate how vitally important it is to feel we belong. Our desire is for everyone throughout our school board to know in their heart that they belong to our CDSBEO family. This sense of belonging is confirmed when each voice is heard, and when each idea is respected. 

This sense of belonging is intensified when we reach out to one another and others reciprocate by reaching out to us. Kind interactions can be like a candle lighting another candle.  The light of the one is not diminished when the flame is shared. Together they cast a brighter light, inspiring others to also be God’s Good News in their circle of relationships.


During these challenging times, Pope Francis calls us to a culture of encounter.  He writes in Fratelli Tutti, ‘Building a culture of encounter means that we, as a people, should be passionate about meeting others, seeking points of contact, building bridges, planning project(s) that include everyone.’ 


Over the next three years our new theme will call us to become active welcomers: meeting people where they are, understanding their situation, seeing the world from their point of view, appreciating their contribution, and collaborating in their growth. 


May our spiritual theme inspire us to form new relationships, and expand our care for one another, as we proclaim, “I Belong Here!  Together We are God’s Good News!”


John Cameron
Director of Education

“The Good News is that God still loves the world through each one of you.
You are God’s good news; you are God’s love in action.”

(Saint Mother Teresa)