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Our Staff

If you would like to contact a staff member you can reach them directly through the class TEAMs app. If you do not have TEAMs set up you can reach them by their school email. All staff emails are:
Main Office    
  Paula Perrault Principal paula.perrault@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Melanie O'Neil Vice Principal Melanie.ONeil@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Collette Hammersley Secretary Collette.Hammersley@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Kristine McFadden Secretary Krystine.McFadden@cdsbeo.on.ca
Teaching & Support Staff    
  Kathryn Eygenstein Kindergarten Kathryn.Eygenstein@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Stephanie Emard Kindergarten Stephanie.Emard@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Nadia Francis Kindergarten Nadia.Francis@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Jessica MacGregor Kindergarten Jessica.MacGregor@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Angela McCaw Kindergarten Angela.McCaw@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Sarah Nephin Kindergarten Sarah.Nephin@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Lisa Bourette Kindergarten Prep Lisa.Bourette@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Lauren Cliffen ECE Lauren.Cliffen@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Joshua Hammersley ECE Joshua.Hammersley@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Kelly Horner ECE Kelly.Horner@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Pam Lalonde ECE Pam.Lalonde@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Peter McGahey ECE Peter.McGahey@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Kate Payne ECE Kathryn.Payne@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Connie Haime Grade 2  Connie.Haime@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Stephanie Brownlee Grade 2 Immersion Stephanie.Brownlee@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Wilma Buiting Grade 1 Wilma.Buiting@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Donna Coleman Grade 1 Donna.Coleman@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Mariana Bruyere Grade 1 & DI Mariana.Bruyere@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Madeleine Capello Grade 1 Immersion Madeleine.Capello@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Kerri Fowlow Grade 1 Immersion Kerri.Fowlow@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Lise Dupont Grade 1/2 Lise.Dupont@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Claire O'Grady Grade 2 Claire.OGrady@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Sonya Cox Grade 2 Immersion Sonya.Cox@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Samantha Moore Grade 2/3 Samantha.Moore@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Christa Killeen-Darou Grade 3  Christa.Killeen-Darou@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Shannon Fontaine Grade 3 Immersion Shannon.Fontaine@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Pauline Dufresne Immersion Prep Pauline.Dufresne@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Barb Santos Library Barb.Santos@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Kelly Pawlikowski Writing Prep  kelly.pawlikowski@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Amy McGinnis Resource Teacher Amy.McGinnis@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Jill Nugent Resource Teacher Jill.Nugent@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Dave Reesor Resource Teacher Dave.Reesor@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Shannon McDonald On-line ECE Shannon.McDonald@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Carly Bertrand On-line Teacher Carly.Bertrand@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Bryanna Farris On-line Teacher Bryanna.Farris@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Pam Landry On-line Teacher Pam.Landry@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Jessica Sokolowski On-line Teacher Jessica.Sokolowski@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Rachel Schruder Student Support Worker Rachel.Schruder@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Angela Cauley EA Angela.Cauley@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Janet Lipscombe EA Janet.Lipscombe@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Patricia Meagher EA Patricia.Meagher@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Donna Lynn Roesler EA DonnaLynn.Roesler@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Mike Pokorny Custodian Mike.Pokormy@cdsbeo.on.ca
  Mike Hynes Custodian- evening
  Steve Myers Custodian -afternoon steve.myers@cdsbeo.on.ca