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Bully Prevention

Bully Prevention and Intervention Plan


Bully {Prevention PlanBully Prevention and Intervention is important to us.   We use many programs and strategies to ensure students do not engage in bullying behaviours.


W.I.T.S and Bucket Filling are two of the most common.  These simple programs help young children understand the concept of bullying, and develop strategies to deal with difficult situations.


At the same time it helps them understand how to be a Bucket Filler!


Click the link below to access the Bully Prevention Parent Brochure 


Creating Communities of Peace

When unacceptable behaviour does happen, we work to repair the harm through a restorative approach.  We work to ensure CCOPchildren are heard, and any harm that was caused is repaired.  This enables children to learn from their mistakes and also empowers them to forgive and be forgiven.


A student and parent booklet provides key information on the expectations and responses to ensure our schools are safe, inclusive and accepting places to learn. The booklet outlines

• Student and staff responsibilities
• School action plans and responses
• Progressive discipline

Click the link below to access the Creating Communities of Peace document.