Lent Begins Today

Today is Ash Wednesday.  It's the first day of Lent marking the 40 days as we move towards Easter. We often talk to the students about giving up chocolate, or doing a few extra chores.  This year we are talking about  creating Holy Moments- even when it is hard.

As I  was driving to work, I was slowed down by the snow ploughs so I had lots of time to think.

I  had just listened to Matthew Kelly’s first Lent video. He encourages us all to think about Lent in terms of who you become, rather than what you give up.

I thought it was worth sharing.  You can sign up for this daily Lent video.  They are short and practical thoughts designed to help you reconnect with yourself and your God. https://www.dynamiccatholic.com/lent/best-lent-ever.html

I also have about 10 of his latest books I Heard God laugh- A Practical Guide To Life’s Essential Daily Habit They are doing no good sitting on my shelf so if you would like one just send me an email.